"A house is not a home without a teacup yorky"

About Teacup Yorkie Paradise

Teacup Yorkie Paradise is a small kernel owned by our family. We are not registered breeders but just hobby breeders who fell in love with Yorkies and particularly Tea cup Yorkies over 15 years ago and now we want to share our experience with other people who are interested in this wonderful breed
We specialize in breeding for the smaller than average size puppies for sale, also commonly referred to as teacup, miniature, tiny, tea cup, mini, micro, little, and etc. We breed for the teacup size puppies because that is our personal preference. Just because this is our preference, doesn't mean that this is the best size dog for everyone. As a responsible Yorkshire Terrier Breeder, we are constantly trying to improve each litter of puppies, with every breeding. We study the pedigree, structure and the genetics of each parent prior to breeding, with the goal of improving each puppy.
We use the AKC Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard to judge each our yorkie puppies for sale to make sure our breeding program is improving with each breeding. But because we also breed for partis, goldens, and chocolates we don't follow the breed standard in regards to color.