"A house is not a home without a teacup yorky"


In case you can't come and pick up your new baby for one reason or the other, do not stress yourself because we can always arrange for your puppy to arrive at your house safe and sound. They are few professional, reliable, fast and above all CHEAP pets courier companies that we use when it comes to the delivery of the puppies. Depending on your location, the puppy will be transported either via road or air. When transported via road,the delivery agent will bring the puppy directly to your house, workplace or any other place that you want. In case your new baby is transported via plane, you can either ask to pick up the puppy yourself at the airport or you can ask for the puppy to be brought at your house, workplace or any other place that pleases you. Whether it's via road or air, the puppy will be very safe and stress free because as we said before, he/she will be well taken care of by the courier's agent. Please go to the Contact Us page and feel the form so that we can tell you how much it will cost to deliver the puppy to you.